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The IBED coating process is ideal for providing wear and corrosion resistant coatings for precision pharmaceutical tooling. Our special adhesion process minimizes chipping and flaking, reducing abrasive wear and corrosion for your tools. The result is a precision coating that allows your tooling to reach maximum levels of performance while increasing its resistance to abrasion.

Microscopic cracks in the surface of pharmaceutical tooling lead to picking, sticking and capping. These irregularities in the manufacturing process halt production, as tooling in this condition requires polishing and buffing in order to restore efficiency.

The IBED process is able to maintain the physical integrity of the surface longer than other coatings - meaning no cracks or deformities in the surface. Additionally, the protected surface supplied by the IBED process removes the need for routine buffing and polishing, extending tooling life and preserving critical dimensions.

Below you can find links to manufacturers of pharmaceutical tooling that is compatible with Beamalloy's IBED coating process. Pharmaceutical compression tooling that we coat includes tablet punches, dies, tamping pins, compacting rolls and other precision tools.

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